Uncapping roller

R201.25 Incl. Vat


Uncapping Roller for uncapping honey comb

When honey is ripe it is capped with white wax to keep it from absorbing water moisture from the air. Honey is hydroscopic which means it can do exactly that- absorb moisture from its surroundings.

When the honey is capped it is also ripe and ready for harvesting. In order to remove the capping or uncap the wax lid we use numerous tools such as uncapping knives, uncapping forks and now uncapping rollers!


  • wooden handle
  • roller with plastic spikes
  • bolt to keep the roller in place


The uncapping roller works in such a way that it is will spin or rotate as you push it along the cappings of the super frame which is holding the honey. As it turns the plastic spikes collect the cappings by removing them as you turn the roller forward and backward.


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