Uncapping fork

R155.25 Incl. Vat


Uncapping fork for honey comb

Uncapping fork for removing the white cap protecting the honey comb

The plastic handle is yellow and the spikes are long and sharp. the handle is curved slightly but the long steel spikes of the uncapping fork are straight without any bend in them.

This bee tool is used to uncap or remove the capping on the honeycomb to allow theraw honey to escape from the comb cell easily.

Usually used just after removing the frame with honey comb as it is being processed for harvesting and then extracting.

Both types of honey extraction will use the uncapping fork to decap the cell so the honey will flow out freely whether the honey comb is being crushed by hand and filtered through a conical nylon filter or whether it is placed in to a honey extractor.

Make sure you use a uncapping tray which can be stainless steel tray, plastic buckets or plastic trays that will catch the decapping for melting later.


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