Foundation sheet (each)

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Wax Foundation Sheets -Brood

Beeswax foundation sheets for the brood frame only.

We supply wax sheets for the brood frame of the langstroth beehives which are moulded with cell shapes. Yellow colour ONLY!

If you have stock of beeswax from harvesting honey it is much more economical for you to use a flat pan with some baking paper to melt and spread the wax across the pan and make your own wax foundation sheets even without the moulded cells. Let’s face it – the bees know how to make the cells, they have been doing it for millions of years!

The minimum order for wax brood sheets is 10!

MOQ = 10 wax sheets for mail orders.

Use the wax foundation sheets to guide the honeybees where they should build using the frame. Many beekeepers use the full wax foundation sheet in each brood frame. Personally, I prefer not to do so in the brood chamber as the wax comb needs to be serviced every 2-3 years anyway. Thus you loose the wax foundation each time you service the frame and remove the wax comb to allow the bees and especially the queen to lay in virgin wax comb.

We prefer to use the brood sheet and cut it into wax strips and place these onto the brood frame. the size is not important for me however a rough guide is 2cm up to the first wire.

Wax sheets require bubble wrap and newspaper packaging. The sheets weigh roughly 90g each however the volumetric weight is how the postal service charges this item.

Sometimes the wax foundation sheets are seldom available due to the season and low supply of beeswax.


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